We deliver an essential service, not a product and this stage is our overall goal – to get you connected and your project handed over on time.


This is what the constant communication with you has been building up to, the moment we bring live power to your site, on time. Throughout the installation period your site manager has been advising our operations team on the required live dates so we are ready to connect.

Real time.

Plots are called off by your site team either by phone, or by the booking function on our portal. To ensure our site teams can spend as much time as possible on your site, we provide them with hand held devices through which they receive plot connection requests sent by our planning team.


The live system on these hand held devices, means that the minute a plot connection is requested; it is booked in and sent to our site teams to carry out. Our efficient processes mean that your site has power on time; and more importantly, your new home-owner can move in to their new home, built by you, on time.



Our Operations team are unique in the utility sector.



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Health and Safety is always our first consideration. We appreciate that we have a part to play in the safe delivery of your site and have made sure that our processes comply with residential developer best practice.


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Achieving your connections on site is our ultimate goal. The delivery of these falls to our site teams who are carefully selected, fully qualified, professional and work to the highest technical and safety standards.


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1st January 2014

Faygate – Crest Nicholson Strategic

Crest Strategic Projects 2,500 unit Scheme at Faygate in West Sussex needed gas electricity and water live to their first phase within six months of receiving planning permission to meet their scheduled show home opening and sale of the first served parcel of land.

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The whole process:

1. Concept
2. Technical stage
3. Design stage
4. Planning
5. Installation
6. Connection