On-site installation falls to our dynamic Operations Department. Experienced Operations Managers are supported by our qualified site teams, who will integrate with your own site team to ensure consistent and flexible delivery no matter what the needs of the project.


Our diligent site teams are all CSCS accredited and of course hold the necessary tickets required to work on site. Our Operations Managers have frequent contact with your Site Manager to make sure they are aware of any changes on site and that your Site Manager is aware of our progress and delivery programme.


By liaising closely with your chosen groundworker we can make sure that no abortive visits are made due to areas not being ready, and that the most efficient route of work is undertaken. This all means that we can deliver a service which excels and goes against the grain of traditional utility companies.


We support innovation to improve delivery so are constantly looking for ways to speed up progress and improve our service on site. Understanding your site and programme forms a big part of this, which is why our Operations team will consider your site from your point of view, as well as ours. The same high standard of delivery is achieved no matter how big the site, time after time.



Our team of experienced qualified Engineers are involved throughout your scheme ensuring that we maintain compliance with the demanding standards for all four of our utility services.


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Our Operations team are unique in the utility sector.



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Health and Safety is always our first consideration. We appreciate that we have a part to play in the safe delivery of your site and have made sure that our processes comply with residential developer best practice.


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Achieving your connections on site is our ultimate goal. The delivery of these falls to our site teams who are carefully selected, fully qualified, professional and work to the highest technical and safety standards.


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1st January 2014

Faygate – Crest Nicholson Strategic

Crest Strategic Projects 2,500 unit Scheme at Faygate in West Sussex needed gas electricity and water live to their first phase within six months of receiving planning permission to meet their scheduled show home opening and sale of the first served parcel of land.

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The whole process:

1. Concept
2. Technical stage
3. Design stage
4. Planning
5. Installation
6. Connection