This stage overlaps with both design and installation and is when the necessary resources are secured and allocated to the project.


Our Account Management team start liaising with local councils to arrange section 50 notices, and agree appropriate traffic management systems to ensure minimal disruption and ensure public safety.  They also look to order site materials, including substations, ahead of time which we are able to hold in our warehouse. This means that there is no delay in obtaining these when they are required on site.


Legal agreements form part of this planning stage and our dedicated and organised team ensure that these aren’t the headache they are traditionally thought of. We go out of our way to ensure that your solicitor understands the requirements of your site and the documentation that they will be faced with. This, unusually for our industry, involves pre-start legal meetings with you and your solicitor to put in place a high level of understanding before the off. Our legal team sits internally with our technical and design teams so, from a very early stage, they know the agreements that will be required and any potential restraints in terms of land ownership issues.

Heavily involved.

Our strong relationships with asset owners and regulators allows us to talk through options on a scheme and plan in works ahead of time, making sure that there are no hold ups due to dotting the ‘I’s’ and crossing the ‘T’s’, clearing the path for meaningful progress on site.

Our detailed internal handovers between Design and Operations makes the whole team aware of a contract and the works required on it. Each member of our team has an individual speciality and this depth of knowledge means that your utilities are delivered to the highest standard.



Our in house legal team exist solely to help you complete all necessary agreements in advance of site power on.


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Our Operations team are unique in the utility sector.



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Health and Safety is always our first consideration. We appreciate that we have a part to play in the safe delivery of your site and have made sure that our processes comply with residential developer best practice.


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Our extensive in house design department comprises professional, qualified individuals with an eye for detail and passion for innovation.

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1st January 2014

Faygate – Crest Nicholson Strategic

Crest Strategic Projects 2,500 unit Scheme at Faygate in West Sussex needed gas electricity and water live to their first phase within six months of receiving planning permission to meet their scheduled show home opening and sale of the first served parcel of land.

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The whole process:

1. Concept
2. Technical stage
3. Design stage
4. Planning
5. Installation
6. Connection