Technical stage

The next stage in your journey, or perhaps the first if the project is ready to go, is to more thoroughly assess the deliverability of the project, bearing in mind your detailed build and programme requirements.


By working closely with you we assess options for a deliverable scheme, whilst still maintaining a competitive commercial position, and taking into account your plot completion and programme targets.


As your design becomes more concrete and real, we can offer a higher level of information. This involves firming up likely timescales, accessing connection locations and giving you early options on these to put you in the best position both financially and practically. Our focus is always your programme.

Part of the team.

This is also the stage where any logistical or programming constraints can be identified, for example un-usual legal procedures or highways constraints. Through close communication with you and your design team, we also gain an understanding of how the other elements of your scheme are programmed and can advise on how our works best fit in.



Our Managers have overĀ 120 years combined experience in the residential and utility sectors. We are here to ensure that the unique TriConnex service is maintained as we grow.

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Our Technical team have the knowledge and experience to start bringing your utility plans to reality.

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Our team of experienced qualified Engineers are involved throughout your scheme ensuring that we maintain compliance with theĀ demanding standards for all four of our utility services.


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1st January 2014

Faygate – Crest Nicholson Strategic

Crest Strategic Projects 2,500 unit Scheme at Faygate in West Sussex needed gas electricity and water live to their first phase within six months of receiving planning permission to meet their scheduled show home opening and sale of the first served parcel of land.

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The whole process:

1. Concept
2. Technical stage
3. Design stage
4. Planning
5. Installation
6. Connection