Our approach on your housing project is to use our unique position in the utility sector to drive value into your project;

We deliver this at a number of key stages;

  • Early combined service drawing to ensure your utility trenching is procured at the most competitive rates and preventing extensive variations later in the project.
  • Enabling your site team to function – delivering the perfect site start means that you are fully served with temporary power and water which allows you to comply with welfare requirements as well as having a functional site set up.
  • Show home opening – the one deadline that deserves special focus – no sales – no business. We use a variety of techniques to ensure this is achieved every time.
  • Market leading call off times – when we get into the body of the site, our ability to react to any changing direction and pace is unrivalled. Our fully qualified teams will ensure we work within your safety rules.
  • Plot Completions – on time, as the site progresses we ensure we keep in step with your programme.

No two developers are the same and we work hard to fine tune our service as we go ensuring that together we constantly respond not react to changes in your business and the utility sector.