Multi utilities from concept to connection

We work with developers to connect Gas, Electricity, Water, Fibre and EV charging to the properties you build.

From the time you first consider purchasing a site, through design, infrastructure and until the last connection is completed, an expert from your dedicated TriConnex team will work alongside you to ensure your project runs smoothly, is completed on time and on budget.

In a complex and evolving sector, we’ve earned a unique reputation for customer service – and we work hard to keep it. 

One of our customers said. "TriConnex weren't the first to do multi utility, but they were the first to get it right."

Our Products


Our Sectors

Affordable & PRS

Delivering flexible utility solutions to meet your programme, maximising  rental income on every scheme.

Commercial & Industrial

Whether a school, shop office or factory we design, install and connect bespoke utility solutions to fit your project needs.


Our sole focus is delivering all your connections on time, from the opening of the sales area to the very last plot.

Our Approach

Multi Utility Delivery

Breaking the stranglehold of asset owners, TriConnex co-ordinated delivery of Energy, Water and Fibre as a single service on site is a game changer.


Early, professional independent advice,  makes the difference between a site that can deliver the units you need or one that distracts the team from delivery.

Value Added Services

Whether challenging diversion costs, in-house CPD sessions or supporting planning, our customers get full access to our widest range of services.


We are one of the most trusted independent providers of new Gas and Electricity networks in the industry. 


Since our first scheme in 2014 we have consistently delivered the highest number of Self-lay Water connections in our area.


A must have for all your customers, we design and deliver Future Proofed Fibre networks in-house.


Since TriConnex has been delivering self-lay, we get our water installed when we need it, fully coordinated with the other services.

They have finally broken the hold that the traditional water companies had over delivery of our developments”

Construction Director - Bellway Thames Gateway