EV and Smart Networks

TriConnex has been working alongside key industry players and central government for many years to represent the interests of our clients in the low carbon debate.


We know that the requirements for EV charging provision are infinitely variable in the hands of the planners, are likely to shift into clearer regulations but are here to stay.

Launched in 2019 our new fully integrated EV charging offer follows months of research and is unique. We are the first independent multi-utility provider to include a full EV supply and install proposal within our multi-utility quotations. 

Ensuring that the network capacity precisely matches the predicted charging demand, we ensure that you can have certainty in both cost and delivery.

Careful product selection means that we will always specify equipment that is reliable and offers your customers the best experience including supply only for on plot chargers.   

The different types of EV chargers can be confusing and we will ensure that you get what you need.

When your requirements extend to rapid charging or large scale charging hubs, our sister company, eSmart Networks brings benefits from their relationships with national charger network operators who can often attract asset funding to off-set the cost of installation and operation.


Complementary smart network solutions such as battery storage and network management systems can also enhance your developments green credentials whilst significantly reducing your costs.

eSmart cutout (002).png