Main Contractor

As with our Main Contracting customers, our multi utility delivery leverages our expert status in each of the distinct utilities. So often, so called specialists in one utility simply bolt on another service hoping their experience elsewhere will suffice. see below for some FAQ's

At TriConnex we built a multi utility offering from day one requiring us to be experts in each utility within a team that brings these streams together into a single cohesive service on site through our unique operation managers.

As we continuously develop new services, we work hard for months before launch to ensure that our ability to deliver matches the level of service rightly expected by our customers.

Utility businesses are often uninterested in their customers aims, objectives and project risks whereas TriConnex was developed in partnership with our customers and continues to stand out as the gold standard of technical innovation and customer service.

We appreciate that each site brings its own challenges, so we;

  • tailor our service to each situation ensuring you deliver every milestone up to practical completion

  • work closely with your team from the onset to design out risk and design in deliverability

  • offer flexible solutions that enable you to get utilities connected safely with the least amount of fuss

  • Assist in the design and provision of temporary supplies to get you building quicker with more cost certainty.

  • manage legal and third party impacts via a single point of contact


Q. Does TriConnex manage easements and wayleaves?

A. Absolutely. Our in house team will interface with the utility companies on your behalf and obtain the necessary documentation for the landowner to sign, including easements, wayleaves and substation lease agreements.

Q. Who designs the Utility Networks?

A. We have an in house team that will design the installation routes from the points of connection to the point of entry into the dwelling, block or substation. We can take the supply into apartment block to each floor, or stop at the ground floor intake.

Q. Will TriConnex provide a single point of contact?

A. Definitely, From signing the acceptance form, and making the first payment, through to all the services being made live - TriConnex will allocate a Project Manager to be your single point of contact.

Q. Is the estimate a fixed price?

A. Yes, the price is fixed, based on the information provided and assuming a couple of things. Any assumptions we have agreed remain as expected, plus that the forecast dates of installation do not change significantly.

Q. How long do estimates take to prepare?


A. Once we have received the required information, we commit to issuing an estimate in 5 weeks. 


Q. Does TriConnex meet the JCT definition of a 'Statutory Undertaker'?


A. In the construction of utility networks for a regulated and licensed third parties, TriConnex is engaged and authorised to carry out elements of this work solely in pursuance of their statutory obligations, and so should be considered a "Statutory Undertaker"


Q. Who Excavates the trenches on and off site?


A. TriConnex will excavate and reinstate all off site trenches including managing all road opening notices, and traffic management. On-site trenching is more cost effective for the domestic groundworker to excavate and backfill to the TriConnex drawing.

With so many elements to manage on a project you don’t need the added pressure of managing the utility connection process, so we’ve got it covered - contact us today to find out more.