Residential Developer

As a residential developer you face numerous challenges in delivering a new site from initial viability to the completion of the final plot.

Utilities have historically been an element of your development fraught with risk, delivery problems and uncertainty.

TriConnex was designed in 2010 as part of a specialist infrastructure group:

  • in partnership with developers

  • built from the ground up to alleviate customer concerns

  • to provide an unrivaled service designing, installing and connecting all utilities


Our understanding of your focus on safely delivering homes on time, every time informs our approach from your very first enquiry all the way through to the final connection - without the need to employ expensive external consultants.

We help you deliver a coherent, competitive solution to your multi utility needs preventing the need to employ, co-ordinate and manage multiple providers.


We also support your future customer demands in areas such as EV charging and alternative heat solutions. As a customer you will get regular updates on innovations or changes in regulation.


If you would like to meet a member of our expert team to discuss how we can help you and your developments, then contact us today.